Microsoft Biztalk RFID as a driver for Biztalk channel sales

This is a short description of a initiative taken 2008 by me negotiating a strategy for developing a channel sales strategy with Microsoft, Motorola and Fujitsu as the participators.

Microsoft Biztalk Server is a server side integration engine released in around year 2000. I was a presale selling Biztalk in Sweden 2001-2002 and was among the first to sell the vision, architecture and business benefits of Biztalk as a integration platform.

In 2008 I got a reason to go back and have a look at how it have developed. I have had some shots as SWIFT, HL7 and other out-of-the-box solution coming with Biztalk. This time I had a look at RFID, a new package coming with Biztalk Server.

RFID is chips that replaces Barcodes, mostly  in retail and logistics scenarios. The RFID chip contains a code that can be read with a device of some sort. Microsoft branded it’s software package, that handles the transactions from the devices, RFID, and hence limited it’s market to the 3% market share that RFID have, and thereby neglecting the market for barcodes and other codes and devices, something that is odd – and something I did mention for the Swedish branch of Microsoft who did forward it to the US development team.

The advantage with RFID is that you can read items without exposing them for barcodes, no human intervention is required.  On the negative side is price and reliability. Not all scenarios are perfect for RFID.

The sales channel initiative looked like this: Motorola did help Microsoft build this for Biztalk. Fujitsu, Microsoft and Motorola all sell to retail. In some cases all three are at the same customer, typically a global, well known Swedish retail chain in fashion. Motorola did have readers for RFID/Barcodes, handheld. The proposal was that Microsoft would bundle the RFID client to the Motorola reader, the Motorola sales force would bring the knowledge about Biztalk and integration to the market, i e projects involving change in architecture or solution were barcodes or RFID was involved. Fujitsus consulting group would then be available for consulting in the technical solution to be delivered. Microsoft would then get a corporate sales channel selling Biztalk in retail, health care, logistics and other scenarios. Something that would give them a license revenue stream.

That would have, if the initiative would have gone live, been a new way of selling Biztalk integration on the market. A way that could have set a new standard for selling IT integration and Biztalk. By various reasons, market instability basically, I never came to the board rooms.  The idea is hereby made public. If someone want’s to go for it, just do it!




The owners of the algorithms rule the world today

The owners of the smartest algorithms rule the world.

HP recently acquired Autonomy, a search engine corporation built on a number of extremely clever algorithms.

Google, a company that rules the the global ad and search market is a corporation I don’t even have to tell about, their influence in everyones life will forever become legendary.

Trade robots at the stock market have transformed the stock market. Trading is today largely automated by trading boxes that runs algorithms. The more clever algorithm, the better business.

Intelligence services rely on search algorithms to find answers, patterns and facts that ties persons to opinions, communications or actions that could be a security treath
One view one could adapt when looking at the world is to adapt the algorithm view. Is’nt it that the owner of the most clever algorithms are the rulers of the world? The power amassed by the executives at Google are huge. Even small descisions have huge consequenses, on a scale that make any nations foreign ministry look dwarfed.

Let’s face it. Mathematicians and the guys buing the best and strategically placed algorithms are the rulers of world today. Challenged by others, for sure, but nevertheless the ones that are in total control.


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