End of support on Internet Explorer, older versions, January 12 2016

Microsoft have announced end of support on older versions of Internet Explorer. Many customers have  built web applications throughout the years based on the web standards that was current then, and will have to decide how to proceed. Security updates will no longer be available for older versions of Internet Explorer.

The two main things to understand here is:

  • Internet Explorer 11 will be the new supported browser, with some exceptions, see picure below. IE11 have a backward compability thru Enterprise Mode to older versions of Internet Explorer. The way to go is to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, test backwards compatibility against your organisations web applications, and then move ahead migrating all Internet Explorer browsers in your organisation to IE11 with the settings required.
  • On Windows 10 you have Edge as the new web browser, built on todays standards and specs. You also have Internet Explorer 11, so that you can run all webapps no matter what version they were built on.

This means that moving to Internet Explorer 11 will make a transition to Windows 10 smoother. Older versions of IE is not a blocker for Windows 10 migration.

On Windows 7, you should run Internet Explorer 11 after January 12, 2016.

On Windows 8.1, you should run Internet Explorer 11 after January 12, 2016.

On Windows 10, you should run Edge and Internet Explorer 11 after January 12, 2016.


Here is the recommended links with detailed information on the eos support:


Edge vs IE11

Microsoft TechNet

What is Enterprise Mode?
Enterprise Mode

Lifecycle Support
Lifecycle support

Benefits of Upgrading
Benefits of upgrading

Technical demonstrations
Technical demos

Total Economic Impact of IE 11
Total economic impact

Find a Partner on MS Pinpoint
Find a Microsoft partner

Stay updated on IE11 Enterprise Mode


Also bear in mind that the free Windows 10 upgrade have an end date – July 29, 2016.

New Windows 10 upgrade rules





Some Q &A from the field in Norway and Denmark:


Q: ‘We can’t migrate to Windows 10 because our apps require Internet Explorer 8 or 10. Why is that?’

A: ‘You should use the backwards compatibility in Enterprise Mode in Internet Exporer 11. That will solve your problem.’



Q: ‘Edge is no good, it’s boring, and it does not show pages the way it should, why can’t Microsoft make it better?’.

A: Edge is a browser built on new and current specifications only. It’s a way to get rid of old standards and inherited quirks and fixes. It’s clean, new and comes without old code. It’s straightforward and simple and does not have fancy stuff for the consumer market built in, that’s because Microsoft builds browsers for Enterprise and professional business customers. Edge comes, as the other browsers, with Enterprise and corporate agreements on licensing and lifecycle support  for business users. It is a serious business tool. Running pages and applications built for earlier versions of IE in Edge will most likely not work very well. That’s because IE11 is the business browser that will run those applications with backwards compatibility in parallell with Edge from Edge’s Enterprise Mode.



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