A sustainable business model for Prisma, PostNord and CanvasPicasso’s apps and services and production

This is a conceptual idea that could be made a reality within weeks if the involved parties do choose to pursue what’s outlined below.

My background is from IT and business and I started working 40 years ago. 30 of those years has been in IT, and I’ve worked about 9 years internationally. Creating more value out of existing solutions, products and services is my favourite pastime.

A sustainable business model for Prisma, PostNord and CanvasPicasso’s apps and services and production

The existing products and services involved in this idea are:

  • Prisma – a Russian app on Android and iOS providing AI as a service for rerendering photos to art.
  • PostNord‘s Riktiga Vykort (Real Postcards) – a Swedish app providing a service to send printed postcards ordered from a mobile device.
  • CanvasPicasso – a Swedish company printing art and photos on canvas and other materials from pictures sent from apps or the web.










Picture 1: PostNords ‘Real Postcards’ app
Picture 2: PostNord’s postcard ordering and payment solution
Picture 3: Prisma’s Android app with AI design choices and social media linking
Picture 4: CanvasPicasso’s app, ordering system and payment.
Picture 5: Canvas Picasso’s app canvas painting choise design and size
Picture 6: PostNord’s postcard ordering and payment solution

All these three businesses are up and working, and a Swedish customer could take a picture with his mobile device thru Prisma, then rerender it to art, then save it on the device or a computer, and then send it as a postcard thru Riktiga Vykort and then order a canvas painting using that picture on CanvasPicasso web or thru their apps. In both cases paying for the product in advance or use Klarna‘s payment solution.

However, that requires the unusual skill of having the apps, knowing about all the possibilities in these apps and be able to execute all the steps to make it happen. There is a gap in the market in regards of marketing this as a possible product, and there is a huge advantage in marketing all three services and products thru those three players on the market – PostNord by adding the value of Prismas filters and adding the possibility of selling canvas products in addition to the postcards. The possibility of exporting Riktiga Vykort to Russia is another reason to cooperate.

For CanvasPicasso the possibility of  using the Prisma filters services and get promotion from PostNord‘s app and Prisma app would mean both an added marketing thru the apps that would have a huge reach adding potentially hundreds of thousands of new business possibilities using the existing infrastructure and solution. Add that this is a solution that could be the opening for international expansion for CanvasPicasso.

The win for Prisma is that the filters as a service will be used in real production, producing art for postcards and canvas paintings that are sold thru the apps of PostNord and CanvasPicasso to end-consumers. Charging a cost per unit or share and split inbound money could yield huge amounts if this business model proves to be sustainable. This comes down to volumes: if PostNord sells 1 million postcards per year and 100.000 out of them comes from Prisma’s app, and if Prisma would get SEK 3 per postcard, then that’s a fair amount of money. Even more so if Sweden proves a general business model that could then be exported to other countries. In that case, the incoming revenues would be in the millions no matter what currency we talk about.  That would have a significant impact on Prisma’s ability to raise investors money for future expansion.

One way to go would be to import Riktiga Vykort as a concept a solution to Russia and market it thru the Prisma apps and also deal with a canvas printing company on location to go for the Russian market. Another way, a faster way, is to do the pilot on the Swedish market and then expand it to the Nordics and Baltics.

The big potential is the UK and US markets with some 350 million potential users and consumers. There is very little need for investments in this business model because PostNord and CanvasPicasso already have everything in place for receiving orders, accept payments, producing the products and then ship them.

The user experience is the key here, and it’s important to understand the magic that happens when a company have got it all right. Having it all perfect means that a customer should be able to find the way to order a canvas within 1-2 seconds and directly grasp the coolness of being able to create a canvas ‘painting’ that look like art and get it delivered for some $12 to the door within 2-3 days, a gift or memorabilia. That is something new, and magic for the customer.

The magic for Prisma is that two (to begin with) online and app players provide customers and traffic to Prisma thru their apps offering real products that give them value – like ‘artified’ family portraits, individual portraits and memories from all the places and events everyone visits. And thus generate revenue, money for the transactions done.

The magic for PostNord is that Riktiga Vykort will get new filters and that PostNord can offer canvas as a product sent as postcards or packages.

The magic for CanvasPicasso is the potential to get a huge number of new customers with very little effort.

The magic for all three companies is that everyone will get referrals from the others, presuming that they all add links to each other in the apps and on the web. adding volume, revenue and interaction with the market.

Then, bring this to Facebook, Instagram and other social media and add the commercial part of it to their users and the market is in the billions.

This would also impact the venture capital market. Having a revenue stream from a market it proof of being able to commercialise a service, and with that comes freedom of choice and a knowledge that it will work out good long term. Patents and building a brand is important as well.