Dynamics 365, LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

My take on LinkedIn integration with Dynamics 365: I have written a number of articles over the years about recruitment. I also have worked a little bit with Autonomy – before HP acquired the company. Autonomy excels in searching huge datasets with algorithms and then serve you with the right data and conclusions. Back then I envisioned that platforms like Autonomy, or Google, or Bing, could be used to automate recruitment totally, making recruiters a thing of the past.

The news that Microsoft has integrated LinkedIn, SalesNavigator and Dynamics is a step in that direction. Add the LinkedIn feature that shows a candidate or employer how good their CV is compared to the other candidates and think Machine Learning, AI and you end up with a solution that basically could – on an ongoing permanent basis – analyze ‘all’ CV’s  – in Azure with full scalability – on the market or in LinkedIn and auto-match them to companies in a pro-active way and queue them up for consideration for companies that need to grow their staff continuously. If you have the Premium version of LinkedIn you’ll be able to see the matching at work right now by going to the job section.

For Dynamics 365, LinkedIn and SalesNavigator this is excellent news and the start of a new journey that will be very interesting to follow.

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