Om mig

IT Pro since 1986.  Have been into the whole Microsoft ecosystem in management, sales and technical roles. Have studied, worked and spent a significant amount of time in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA. Into innovation, new technology, research, politics, free markets, diversity without ideology, and social media.

My approach to work is: I prefer agile development with little overhead and small investments,  multi-phased rollouts rather than big bangs, constant re-learning, and fresh skill-sets, building new solutions ground up rather than maintaining old solutions, in-depth analysis and honest reporting rather than easy-go-lucky and underreporting.  I also prefer strong working ethics and transparency. I’ve been recruited to many projects in need of a turn-around, and always delivered without badmouthing the people that went the wrong direction. Bad things could happen to anyone. Every former shareholder in Nokia will in hindsight confirm that they had some very skilled people on board, and still it didn’t work out the way they expected. Agility and putting things behind you and move on is everything.

Always consider:



Political affiliation

I have no connection to and do not share any political views with Swedish political parties at all. I have never voted and will never do that. I don’t see myself as Swedish.

I’m an atheist constitutional centrist libertarian and anti-statism advocate. I’m not a nationalist at all. Neither am I a globalist. My opinions are mainly built on global media coverage, not Swedish. They are also built on my experiences from working in a number of countries and approx. 10 years spent in 60+ countries all over the world and working in and with all sorts of companies, NGO’s and government institutions. I’m anti-corruption.



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